Sweet Sweet NYC

**Disclaimer, this post was definitely written 3 months ago and I forgot to put it up! Oops

Because I wasn’t at home this past summer, I did hardly any baking. It’s sad, I know but having been in New York City, I got to try some really (like really, really  holy cow really) good sweets. This post serves no purpose other than to make your mouth water and give you some suggestions of places to hit up if you’re in the Big Apple anytime soon. It’s a silly post, I know but humor me. I love dessert and you know you do too. Plus there’s pictures and everybody loves pictures of food. Shout out to the wonderful souls that joined me on each of these excursions and humored my love for anything with sugar and chocolate. Enjoy friends.

  1. The Milk Bar- soft-serve with crunch topping.


It was on my bucket list from the beginning. The  Milk Bar is a bakery and dessert bar and is famous for originating cereal milk ice cream. Cereal milk is just what it sounds like- milk flavored by soaking cereal in it. This milk is then used in a variety of baked goods and desserts at the store, including ice cream. There are a few different flavors but the one above is the original flavor (flavored by cornflakes and brown sugar). I added the cornflake topping which was sweet, crunchy, and coated in something that sent me into a sugar coma.

The ice cream was unique. It brought me back to my childhood and to school mornings eating frosted flakes and drinking the milk from the bowl. It tasted exactly like the left over milk in a bowl of frosted flakes! Not kidding. It took a little getting used to and I wasn’t sure if I liked it at first. I probably wouldn’t go out of my way to get this again, but it was definitely fun to try and it’s was ice cream, so hard to go wrong there.

2. Dough Doughnuts- Lemon Poppyseed Doughnut


A little slice of heaven is what this was. Dough Doughnuts is one of many doughnut chains in NYC that are feeding our culture’s recent obsession with the pastry. These donuts are one of the best deals in the city. $3 for a doughnut the size of your face! I ate a doughnut from here twice and split it with someone else both times because they are that huge! They are light, airy, and so soft! They sell your classic cinnamon sugar and plain glazed, but also have some more unique flavors like Hibiscus, Passion Fruit, and Cafe Au Lait.  The kind pictured is a Lemon Poppy Seed doughnut. Tart and sweet. This place is a must for you next trip to NYC.

3. Ice & Vice – Shade and 9 am on a coconut almond macaroon coneIMG_5978

It’s no secret that ice cream is one of my favorite foods, but I’m a sucker for pretty traditional flavors- mint, cookie dough, chocolate, moose tracks. Nothing like what Ice & Vice has to offer. Their menu is full of unique flavors that combine ingredients you wouldn’t typically find in ice cream. Rose petal jam, chili lime with plantain chips, lemon charcoal, white sesame, and more. In the picture above the top scoop is called 9am (French roast coffee, chicory, saigon cinnamon, condensed milk, and donut truffle) and the bottom scoop is called Shade (smoked dark chocolate with caramelized white chocolate ganache). The cone was just as unique- coconut almond macaroon flavored. This cone was worth every cent (and it was a lot of cents *eye roll*).

4. Grom-authentic Italian gelatoIMG_6137

I’ve never understood gelato. Why not just stick to ice cream? When I bought this I was with the other intern from my internship. We were desperate for ice cream while exploring the West Village and came across Grom. I felt a little odd ordering gelato but was pleasantly surprised. Really good! Again, some unique flavors, but it tasted soooo fresh! A lot of fruity flavors, along with mint, chocolate, and cookie based flavors. The one scoop was called Crema di Grom (pastry cream with corn biscuits and Ecaudorian “Arriba” chocolate chips) and the other scoop was called Albicocca and Cioccolato (apricot gelato and Ecaudorian “Arriba” chocolate chips). Authentic Italian gelato. 10/10 folks.

5. Emack and Bolios- S’moreo icecream


I do believe National Ice Cream day was created with me in mind, (but lets be real, every day is like national ice cream day for me). You better believe that on July 17 I took full advantage of this glorious holiday and hit up another bucket list location. Say hello to Emack and Bolio’s. They’ve got amazing flavors and even more amazing cones. I took about a day and a half to decide what I wanted! There were so many options that made my mouth water! I stood in line and tried about 5 different kinds (typically Abby) and finally chose one! Bless the poor soul who served me. Pictured is one scoop (yes, I said ONE scoop) of S’moreo ice cream: vanilla base with Oreos, marshmallows and chocolate swirl. That ginormous scoop is on top of a cone covered with cinnamon toast crunch. Yeah, I know what you’re thinking. “Woah Ab, slow down girlfriend.” But this was amazing. Add it to your bucket list people! It’ll change your life.

6.Sweet Churros- Churro, duhIMG_6631

In the middle of Korea town on 32nd street, sits a Korean food court with a trendy little dessert stand. It’s called Sweet Churros, and yes you guessed it, they serve churros. Strange, I know. But a 10 inch churro for $3? I’m sold. Served with your choice of Nutella, caramel, or raspberry sauce? Um yes puh-lease. Warm, cinnamon sugary goodness. Would go again in a heartbeat.

7. Serendipity- Frozen Hot ChocolateIMG_6766

Never disappoints. My third time to Serendipity and the frozen hot chocolate was as good as ever. When my friends came to visit the city in early August, they wanted to go try Serendipity’s famous frozen hot chocolate. We got the original and peanut butter. Simply put, it was a chocolate lover’s escape to paradise my friends. Tastes like Swiss Miss blended with ice, milk, and chocolate shavings. Sweet and rich. Add peanut butter and you’re on cloud nine and a half. The venue is nothing to brag about. The spot is tiny, crowded, and poorly decorated, but hey- good dessert covers a multitude of sins amiright? (<–don’t quote me on this)

8. Juicy Spot Cafe- Rolled ice cream with cookie butter, Oreos and NutellaIMG_6560

Rolled ice cream. If you’ve never seen it made, look it up on YouTube. It’s amazing and you’ll watch it over and over and over again. They pour liquid cream onto a cold slate, mix in whatever toppings or syrup you choose, and when it thickens, they use a flat metal spatula tool to roll sections of it. This kind was cookie butter flavored: vanilla base cream, with Speculoos cookie butter drizzled in, topped with Nutella, more cookie butter, an Oreo, and a Speculoos cookie.

9. Wafels and Dinges- Da BombIMG_6840

Da Bomb. The name on the menu, and the first words I said after taking a bite of this. Wafels and Dinges is a chain of waffle trucks, carts, and stands throughout the city selling fresh liege waffles with your choice of toppings. Conveniently located only a few blocks from my internship, I had my eyes on trying one of these ALL summer. Take everything you know about American waffles and toss it out the window. See ya Eggos. Bye IHOP. These waffles are chewy, sweet, warm, and soft. What are Dinges? Their term for toppings. Anything you want. Strawberries, ice cream, bananas, Nutella, the works. Like I said, this menu option was called Da Bomb and rocked my socks. It was a fresh warm waffle topped with strawberries, cookie crumble ice cream, Nutella, and powdered sugar. The waffle and fruit qualify this as breakfast right? One of the last things I ate in NYC and one of the best!

10. Chippers- Orange sherbet twist with rainbow jimmiesIMG_5670

Although a taste of childhood may not seem extravagant, it was certainly the best. At the beginning of the summer I traveled out of the city a few times for different family events. In Levittown, PA is a small walk-up ice cream shop called Chippers. It will always have a special place in my heart. My grandfather was the former owner and I can remember spending hours visiting the shop, standing on the other side of the counter, watching him create perfect swirls of soft serve on a cone. He retired and sold the shop when I was still in grade school, but we’ve always gone back! My favorite? The orange sherbet/vanilla twist rolled in rainbow jimmies (a.k.a sprinkles). Nothing too stellar, but I’ll always love the tart sherbet swirled with sweet and smooth vanilla. It’s nostalgic. It brings back memories of summertime at my grandparents and I credit Chippers with jump starting my love of ice cream from such an early age.

After writing this post, I’m now seriously considering a career in food blogging. Seems like a sweet gig. Eat food, take pictures of food, tell others about food. A good way to put these 4 years of school and Communications degree to use, amiright? For now, I’ll dream 🙂




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