Father’s Day

I’m a little anxious that I’ve already been out of school for an entire month. What?!?! How does it fly by? I love summer but I certainly wish it would slow down. My hope is to really take advantage of my time home to develop this blog a little more. I was at the beach last week and did a lot of brainstorming concerning posts and the direction I would like to take this blog even in the midst of a busy school year. It seems like if there were ever  a season for blog writing summer is certainly that season. I love seeing my friends create blogs about summer travels and missions work or new long-term blogs about their personal lives. With that said, many thanks to those of you that continue to read my posts when the internet offers a wide range of other options. You da bomb. 😉

In the spirit of Father’s Day I thought a post about my own father would be appropriate. But before that, I want to talk about the Father figure in the life of every one of us who has been saved by grace.

One thing I love about the Christian walk is that we get to call God our heavenly father. He’s not just a distant being sitting on his throne, uninterested in our day-to-day lives. Nope. He’s a father and he cares for us as his children. Because of Jesus’ sacrifice we can enter into a relationship that is personal, a relationship where he calls us daughter/son and we get to call him father. There’s something special about this father title.

Any Psych fans out there? I was watching an episode yesterday where Henry, Shawn’s dad, is getting a watch engraved for Shawn. (If you’ve never seen the show, Henry and his adult son Shawn don’t have the happiest of relationships. Henry is an ex-cop who had outrageously high expectations for Shawn during his childhood. In contrast to his father’s high strung and temperamental personality, Shawn is the show’s comical character whose laid back, silly and easy-going lifestyle are a disappointment to Henry.) Anyways, the man selling the watch to Henry, asks him what he would like the engraving to say. Henry replies with, “‘Shawn, Don’t lose this. Henry Spencer.'” The man selling the watch looks at Henry with a funny face and suggests that he end his engraving with “Dad” rather than “Henry Spencer”. Henry laughs back and says the idea is too warm and that “Henry” would do just fine.

See what I mean? The fact that we get to call God father is special. It provides us a with a sense of love, intimacy, and relationship. Unlike Henry, God desires “warmth”, if you will. Father communicates that we are part of his royal family and and have special access to him. The president’s daughters don’t call him “Mr. President”. They call him Dad. Their relationship with him is personal and the lack of formality communicates that they can be themselves around him. It’s the same with God. Although we need to bare in mind reverence and respect, the title of father reminds us that we are viewed and loved as his children, quirks and all. He is the picture of the literal perfect  father, providing love, protection, wisdom, encouragement and discipline

Regardless of the presence or absence of an earthly dad, as Christians, you and I will forever be able to call on the name of our heavenly father. Pretty neat huh?

I’ve been blessed to have an earthly father that reflects the heart of Christ to me every day. So on this Father’s Day, in addition to the braided cheese danish you asked me to make, I’m throwin’ in this thank you list. Here’s lookin’ at you Daddy-o.

1. Thank you for teaching me how to ride a bike.

2. Thank you for showing me what faith in uncertain circumstances looks like.

3. Thank you for being a voice of reason and wisdom in my life.

4. Thanks for encouraging my love for cinnamon crunch bagels and anything with chocolate.

5.Thank you for showing me the importance of a quiet time.

6. Thank you for taste testing my cupcakes and cookies.

7. Thank you for be a father of character and integrity.

8. Thank you for spending hours helping me with my 7th grade math homework.

9. Thank you for making me laugh out loud at things that really aren’t that funny.

10. Thanks for editing my 9th grade book review papers.

11. Thank you for answering some of my toughest questions.

12. Thank you for whistling during the applause at every school concert.

13. Thank you for displaying leadership.

14. Thank you for showing me the importance of prayer.

15. Thank you for giving me a sense of humor.

16. Thank you for loving me.

17. Thank you for making cinnamon rolls every Christmas.

18. Thank you for encouraging me through Huma 101 my first semester of college.

19. Thank you for showing me what complete and utter dependency on Christ looks like.

20. Thank you for telling me that God has a plan for my voice.

The list goes on but you get the point. I love you Dad!




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