Jesus- 1 Death-0

First week of classes down!  Woot woot! It’s hard to accept that my days of free time and enjoying the sunshine are officially over, but I can’t complain- it’s a 3 day weekend you guys. Thank you Lord for Labor Day and the ice cream I’ll be consuming because of it. (It’s the little things that keep me goin’ 😉  )

So if you couldn’t tell, I’m a bit too excited for the weekend but couldn’t be more ready to talk about the topic for today’s post. It’s something I’ve been wanting to write about for a while: victory.

Victory (n): win; success against an enemy or opponent, or a particular battle that is won.

Rest in the beautiful truth that Christ is victorious. Okay, in case you are trying to skim this I will say it again: Christ has won the battle and He  has defeated our sin. Stop and try to wrap your mind around that.

A little more.


How often do you think about it? If you are a Christian you can find peace in the astounding truth that Christ has fought the battle against evil for you and He has won. This means that not only did Christ win the battle against sin when He died, but He won the battle against everything that entered into the world as a result of the fall. It means that Christ is victorious over physical ailments and pain, He is victorious over severed relationships or the betrayal of a friend, He is victorious over grief and mourning. He has won the battle over guilt and shame and He has won the battle over every heartache, every struggle and every trial.

 The sting of death is sin, and the power of sin is the law.  But thanks be to God!

He gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ.

1 Corinthians 15:56-57

No doubt, we continue to fight battles on earth against the schemes of the enemy but the beauty in the struggle is that Christ is fighting the battle for us and has already won it in eternity.

 “I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you

will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.”

 John 16:33

Victory in Christ should make anyone jump up and down for joy, but the reason I get so excited is that I know one day my body will be healed. The scriptures don’t promise that God will heal our pain in this life but they do promise an eternity in heaven where we will be given new bodies with no imperfections and with absolutely no pain. (If you could only see the excitement on my face right now.)

“He will wipe every tear from their eyes. There will be no more death’ or mourning or crying or pain,

for the old order of things has passed away.”

Revelation 21:4

It is sometimes difficult to see the possibility of my voice being healed in this life but when I think that someday I’ll be able to sing again and it will be at the throne of God and the feet of Jesus, I can’t think of anything better to wait for. This, my friends, is the hope that continues to anchor my soul. It’s a pretty neat picture. My song will be purely and completely for the glory of God.

So we fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen, since what is seen

is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal. 

2 Corinthians 4:18

I think it’s all too easy to take the cross for granted. It’s sad when we do because we miss out on the joy of the gospel and the joy in recognizing Christ’s victory. Do you experience a genuine feeling of joy when you remember that Christ has won the battle? If not, why? I would encourage you to think about the weight of the gospel along with it’s significance. It’s not something we should take lightly. Instead let’s remember the weight and the magnitude of the price only Christ could pay.

I get pretty excited when I hear songs that proclaim Christ’s victory. I think the song Forever does a pretty good job of hitting the mark when it comes to singing about victory. Watch this. Actually- no. That’s too distracting. Just listen to it. The entire song. It has easily become one of my favorite songs ever because it is nothing but pure truth.



To be honest, I don’t know how you could listen to this and not be encouraged.

It’s simple. The lamb has overcome.


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